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Character Building Through Physical Education: An Essential Visual Guide

Physical Education goes beyond just learning sports skills; it's also about cultivating strong character. This "10 Great Character Traits to Show in Physical Education" visual is a testament to this belief. Each of the ten sections on the poster highlights a pivotal character trait – Leadership, Self-Control, Honesty, Teamwork, Determination, Patience, Compassion, Respect, Gratitude, and Responsibility. Accompanied by student-friendly graphics, these sections are not just informative, but they're designed to resonate with young minds. The statements may be concise, but their impact is profound, serving as daily reminders of the values we wish to instill in our students.


Customizable and Versatile Design
for Every Setting

Recognizing the unique spirit of different schools, these PDF & JPG formats (in a zip folder) offer five distinct header/footer color options, facilitating a seamless match with any gym's color theme. Although the visuals come set for 8 ½ by 11 sheets, they can be conveniently expanded using a school or store Poster-Maker, allowing for an adaptable presentation that fits diverse spaces.


A Daily Reference for Physical Education Lessons

Positioning this poster within a gym or playing area isn't merely decorative; it acts as a continuous beacon of core values. The poster not only reinforces essential character traits but also serves as a handy reference during lessons. By sparking conversations and underscoring the role of character in physical education, this visual aids educators in intertwining character growth with physical development.

PE Poster: 10 Great Character Traits to Show in Physical Education

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