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ENGAGING and ACTIVE Manipulative Skill PE Task Cards!


10 sets with 24 Visuals in each: Catching, Foot Dribbling, Hand Dribbling, Kicking, Rolling & Twirling, Striking (short-handled implements), Striking (long-handled implements), Underhand Tossing, Overhand Throwing and Volleying




Download 10 ACTIVE and ENGAGING, PE Manipulative Skill Task Card Sets that will give you a variety of skill-related movement task visuals and instructional cards to use in your physical education classes, school classrooms, or camp & church situations. The PE Components of Manipulative Skill Task Card Series- 10 Set SUPER BUNDLE is a combination of 10 of Cap’n Pete’s DYNAMIC, manipulative skill task cards sets for students to use in a variety of educational or community settings.


Each individual Manipulative Skill visual set provides 24 FUN AND ACTIVE tasks that teachers & instructors can use for teaching manipulative skill movement and concepts in both small or large spaces. That gives you 240 total visuals in the Super Bundle!! The cards make it easy for students to first read and then perform a variety of engaging, self-guided, skill-based movements in a gym, classroom, or home. The movements provide ample opportunities for them to increase their PE and sport skill levels in a beneficial and enjoyable way!


What Visual Sets are in the PE Manipulative Skill Task Card Series- 10 Set SUPER BUNDLE?


1. PE Manipulative Skill Series: 24 Catching Tasks

2. PE Manipulative Skill Series: 24 Foot Dribbling Tasks

3. PE Manipulative Skill Series: 24 Hand Dribbling Tasks

4. PE Manipulative Skill Series: 24 Kicking Tasks

5. PE Manipulative Skill Series: 24 Overhand Throwing Tasks

6. PE Manipulative Skill Series: 24 Rolling and Twirling Tasks

7. PE Manipulative Skill Series: 24 Striking Tasks Using Long-Handled Implements

8. PE Manipulative Skill Series: 24 Striking Tasks Using Short-Handled Implements

9. PE Manipulative Skill Series: 24 Underhand Tossing Tasks

10. PE Manipulative Skill Series: 24 Volleying Tasks


FLASH BONUS  - For a limited time, this bundle also includes the following visual set: Manipulative Skills- Printable Display Signs. These printable display signs were created as a visual aid showcasing nine manipulative skills which include: catching, tossing (underhand), throwing (overhand), dribbling with feet, kicking, punting, dribbling with hands, volleying, and striking. Each individual manipulative skill sign has been uniquely created with vibrant colors and attractive text that describes each movement.


The signs provide instructions on how to perform each manipulative skill and includes colorful backgrounds and exciting graphics that grab the students’ attention. The signs can be displayed in key areas of your gym to be highlighted during P. E. skill instruction. They can easily be used to reinforce the movement concepts and skill cues you cover during your class. The signs can be displayed in key areas of your gym to be highlighted during instruction.


Save 40% on the individual manipulative skill card set resources when buying Cap’n Pete’s 10 Set, Task Card Super you get the flash bonus “Manipulative Skills- Printable Display Signs” visual set for your gym walls or bulletin board!! Together these Manipulative Skill-based movement challenges and visual material will give you the ability to plan a multitude of PE lessons for the gym or classroom (or any movement area) that will keep your students engaged, focused and active!


The PE Components of Manipulative Skill Series- 10 Set Super Bundle is a convenient and creative way for you to teach “with a purpose!” The task cards are colorful with “top of the line” graphics and detailed instructions. Each challenge card includes the following components: 1. Movement/Skill Identification, 2. Movement/Skill Graphic,3. Rep Or Time Suggestion, 4. Detailed Description of the Movement/Skill, and 5. Tips for Success.


Why Should I Download the PE Manipulative Skill Task Cards, 20 Set Bundle?


  • Includes Organized Manipulative Skill Development
  • It’s Effective for Student Learning
  • Has High Ratings and Reviews on Individual Challenge Sets and the Bundle
  • Very Easy to Implement in Daily Classes
  • Has Student Friendly Visuals
  • 3 Formats Included- PDF, JPG and PowerPoint
  • Includes Detailed Graphics and Instructions
  • You Can Use Year After Year
  • It is Great for a Variety of Ages and Skill Levels

PE Manipulative Skills Series- 10 Set SUPER BUNDLE

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