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The Manipulative Skill Series- 24 Striking Tasks Using Long-Handled Implements packet is a fun and active set of challenging task cards that teachers can use for teaching PE manipulative skills in large or small spaces. The cards make it easy for students to first read and then perform a variety of engaging, self-guided manipulative skill movements in a gym, classroom or home. The movements provide ample opportunities for them to develop their striking skills using long-handled implements in a beneficial and enjoyable way!


The cards can be used in a physical education class to help address teaching standards or by a classroom teacher to promote movement in the classroom. They can also be used for distance learning situations to promote at-home learning. These challenging skill task cards can be used in several different ways targeting individual students, partners, small groups or as a full class activity. The zip folder includes 3 formats that include PDF, JPG and PowerPoint.


The Manipulative Skills Task Card set is a convenient and creative way for you to teach “with a purpose!” The task cards are colorful with “top of the line” graphics and detailed instructions. Each fitness challenge card includes the following components: 1. Movement/Skill Identification, 2. Movement/Skill Graphic, 3. Rep Or Time Suggestion, 4. Detailed Description of the Movement/Skill, and 5. Tips for Success.


The Striking Tasks Using Long-Handled Implements Cards are vibrant, attractive and “kid friendly”. Students will enjoy the variation in movement and will value the animated pictures and descriptions/tips that accompany the desired actions!

PE Manipulative Skill Series: 24 Striking Tasks Using Long-Handled Implements

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