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The Individual Jump Rope Skills- 50 Instructional Cards Packet is a fun and active collection of “short rope” skill printables that physical education or classroom teachers can use to teach progressive jump rope skills. This valuable resource consists of 60 framed cards (1/2 sheet printables) that include the following components: 1. Skill Identification, 2. SHAPE GLO’S, 3. Instructional Directions, 4. Skill Level Number (10 levels), 5. Tips for Success, and 6. Jumping Cues. 

The Jump Rope Skill Cards can be applied in a number of different ways within a PE Jump Rope lesson or as a warm-up activity. Classroom teachers can use the Jump Rope Skill Cards as a Brain Boosting activity during those times of the day when their students just have to move! The cards can be used by students individually, with partners or in small groups. 

The progressive nature of the Jump Rope Cards allow students to advance through at their own pace. There are 10 levels of cards with 5 skills per level. Students are encouraged to master a skill before moving on to the next level of skills. Some of the skills involve turning the rope in a forward direction, from heels to toes and others in a backward direction from toes to heels. 

The skill cards are colorful, attractive and “kid friendly”. Students will enjoy the simplicity of the directions, the additional tips/cues and the animated pictures that accompany the skills!

PE Jump Rope Skills- 50 Instructional Cards

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