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6 PE Game sets for the price of 4! That's 25% off the regular TPT individual game set prices!!


Inside this super bundle are 150 Fun and Fantastic PE games; 25 games in each game set that come from the following individual PE game resources:


PE Base Games


PE Basketball Games


PE Soccer Games


PE Volleyball and Net Games


PE Disc Games


PE Small Group Multi-Skill Games



The 150-Game Super Bundle games package is designed for PE or classroom teachers to use with their students and can accommodate a wide range of ages, for children from grades Kindergarten through 10th. Many of the games are ideal for large or medium sized groups, outside on a field, or inside a gymnasium. Some of the games are considered breakout games that involve several smaller groups, playing simultaneously in a given playing area.


These games can be used by PE teachers as an extension of their PE units (after the basic skills have been taught) or they can be utilized by a classroom teacher as an organized recess activity to keep students active and focused during their play time. In addition, many of the PE games make great large-group activities for school-wide events such as field day or for a class or grade-level seasonal reward day sometime during the school year.

PE Games: Super Bundle- Basketball, Soccer, Net, Disc, Base & Small Group Games

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