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This lesson plan and diagram is for a large group physical education game called "Survivor Alley". It is a throwing and dodging game. During the game, Survivors of an Apocalypse must make it down the downtown "Survivor Alley" avoiding laser shots from Extra Terrestrials!!! Survivors can be granted "Superpower" however, and can save the day if necessary. 

The kids really enjoy this game and they will leave the gym with smiles on their faces and will be asking you if they really have to leave. The game requires several soft yarn, fleece or Nerf/Gator skin balls and some cones to make an alley.

**Note: Survivor Alley is a human target toss or roll game. SHAPE America does not endorse games that use human targets for PE. Use yarn balls only and play the game as an After School Program, Intramural or Class Reward game

PE Games for Superheroes!- "Survivor Alley"

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