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This lesson plan and diagram is for a large group physical education game called "MacKidver". It is a takeoff on the old TV series MacKidver! The game is a throwing, rolling, catching and blocking game. During the game, Secret Agents attempt to destroy the other teams "Plutonium Protectors" (Hula Huts- idea from JD Hughes and the creator of Castle-Ball) while their Super 006 Agents try to protect them. Never fear however, if a protector is destroyed, our MacKidvers are there to put them back together!!! 

The kids really enjoy this game and they will leave the gym with smiles on their faces and will be asking you if they really have to leave. The game requires several Nerf/Gator skin balls, hula hoops (6 are needed for each Plutonium Protector), 2 mats for holding cells, and some cones to mark boundaries

PE Games for Superheroes!- "Mackidver"

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