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The following printable display signs were created as a visual aid showcasing 7 of the most common fitness tests utilized by current practicing physical education teachers.


The signs include the following tests:


1. One Mile Run/Walk, 2. Pacer/Beep Test, 3. Curl-Up, 4. Push-Up, 5. Sit and Reach, 6. Trunk Lift. and 7. Flexed Arm Hang


Each individual Fitness Testing sign has been uniquely created with vibrant colors and attractive text. The signs provide instructions for each test and list the fitness component being tested. The signs also include exciting graphics that grab the students’ attention. The signs can be displayed in key areas of your gym to be highlighted during assessment. They can also be used to reinforce the fitness-related concepts you cover during your class.


Since fitness assessment is such a valuable component of physical education, you can use these signs, time and time again, during your daily fitness instruction!


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Top 10 Expectations for Physical Education- Printable Display Signs

Top 10 Reasons for Physical Education- Printable Display Signs

Components of Physical Fitness- Printable Display Signs

PE Fitness Testing- Printable Display Signs

Locomotor Movement- Printable Display Signs

Non-Locomotor Movement- Printable Display Signs

Manipulative Skills- Printable Display Signs

Applying the PE Standards- Printable Display Signs

Principles of Exercise Training- Printable Display Signs

PE Spatial Awareness- Printable Display Signs


PE Printable Display Signs- 10 Pack Super Bundle

PE Fitness Testing- Printable Display Signs

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