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The following station cards have been designed as an instructional support for a PE teacher, classroom teacher or small group leader in a camp or church. The PE Fitness Stations can be set up quickly in designated zones of a gym, field or any other playing area around your facility. These stations were created to help develop the students’ personal fitness and include the following components of physical fitness:


1. Cardiovascular Endurance, 2. Flexibility (Static and Dynamic), 3. Muscular Strength, 4. Muscular Endurance, and 5. Locomotor Movement

All 44 of the stations are suitable for elementary and middle school students. Many of the stations require very little equipment or space. You can use them as a warmup for a skill or sport unit or use them as your primary lesson during a personal fitness unit. Since they require maximum effort, the stations should be shorter in duration than PE skill stations. A good range is from around 30 seconds to 3 minutes.


With 44 stations that span many of the components of physical fitness, you can mix them up throughout the school year or camp/church season and have more than enough activities to use for many lessons. The cards provide brief directions with student-friendly graphics. If you lack the equipment or space for one or more of the stations, feel free to adapt it to whatever best meets the needs of your students in your unique environment.

PE Fitness Stations - 44 Maximum Movement Zones

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