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The PE Exit Check- 4 Self-Assessment Visual resource is a set of 4 signs that can be placed near the EXIT area of a gym, classroom or movement area in a school. The students, while exiting their movement area can quickly assess themselves on their performance/behavior during PE class. The signs can be placed in a convenient spot on a wall near the exit doors. While students walk by the visuals, they can choose a level, 1 through 4, and touch that sign. The action of touching the PE self-assessment is a POWERFUL tool for both students and teachers. Students really enjoy the process and it helps them recognize what level they accomplished for following the specified directions, performing tasks and working with others. Teachers can use it to get a quick glimpse of how effective their instruction was during their lesson and observe firsthand how their students feel about their performance.


PE Exit Check- 4 Self-Assessment Visual are an ENGAGING and FUN way for you to connect and understand your students better. It can be done daily, and the GREAT thing is it provides instant feedback for teachers to see which students may perceive themselves to be struggling. This can easily open a conversation to find out how you can help that student. The act of self-assessment also allows students to identify and reinforce personal and social responsibility which directly relates to SHAPE America’s Standard 4.


There are 4 Self-Assessment signs and a leading question visual that reads: How did I          do in PE? The signs are “student friendly” and THEMED for added fun and engagement!    The students will look forward to leaving class and giving themselves a grade from 1 to 4.


Thanks to others including Ben Landers (the PE Specialist), Kevin Tiller (PhysEd Review) and several other #PhysEd Twitter teachers for their inspiration from previous GREAT work that they have done using this self-assessment idea!

PE Exit Check- 4 Self-Assessment Visuals- Counting Kids Version

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