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The PE Equipment Challenge Cards- 24 Long-Handled Implement Tasks- packet is a FUN AND ACTIVE set of challenging task cards that teachers can use for teaching manipulative skills for base games, golf and floor hockey, using Long-Handled Implements. The cards make it EASY for physical educators to help guide students through a variety of ENGAGING movements, motions and skills and provide opportunities for them to develop skills in striking, putting, chipping, stick handling, passing, and shooting. The package includes 4 Base Game, 6 Golf and 14 Floor Hockey visual cards.


The cards can be used in a physical education class to help address teaching standards or by a classroom teacher to promote movement in the classroom. The skill challenge cards can be used in a number of different ways targeting individual students, partners, small groups or as a full class activity. The zip folder includes 3 formats that include PDF, JPG and PowerPoint.


The PE Equipment Challenge Cards are a very convenient and creative way for you to teach “with a purpose!” The task cards are very colorful with “top of the line” graphics and detailed instructions. Each Long-Handled Implement Challenge Card includes the following components: 1. Movement/Skill Identification, 2. Movement/Skill Graphic, 3. Rep Or Time Suggestion, 4. Detailed Description of the Movement/Skill, and 5. Tips for Success.


The Long-Handled Implement Challenge Cards are colorful, attractive and “kid friendly”. Students will enjoy the variation in movement and will value the animated pictures and descriptions/tips that accompany the desired actions!

PE Equipment Challenge Cards - 24 Long Handled Implement Tasks (includes PP)

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