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We are PHYSICAL EDUCATION teachers and we are PROUD to teach Physical Education! Most of us have the luxury to teach in a large playing area we refer to as the “GYM” but we certainly do not teach “GYM” despite what we sometimes hear from our classroom colleagues, administrators, parents, students and from the general public! The term “Gym Class” brings up a negative vibe and it is important that we make an effort to change how we are addressed to bring our field the respect that it deserves. Our discipline is truly holistic as we are one of the few subjects that can reach the “whole child”. We truly have a tremendous effect on our students'’ cognitive, affective and psychomotor learning ability.

This poster was developed as a response to a PE Central Facebook post by Stacy Furness in which she wrote about how frustrated she was with how her solid PE program was being devalued by others in her building. She, like others in our field, are tired of being “looked down upon” and thought of as the “babysitters” located in the gym for others to use in the building. This disrespect begins when others use the term “Gym Class” rather than Physical Education, PhysEd or PE.

This poster was designed to be placed on or above a gym door to let others know WHO we are and WHAT we do in a brief but POWERFUL way! I put the poster out for review and found that individual PE teachers have different situations (some without gyms) and also found that some prefer a DIRECT wording approach while others prefer a more INDIRECT one. For that reason, I created 4 versions (with 2 backgrounds for each version) of the poster, to accommodate these style and situational differences. 

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PE Entry Poster: Physical Education...not Gym Class

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