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Quality Physical Education is an important and necessary component for educating the whole child! We as physical educators, know that PE is crucial for individuals to become physically literate. Physical Education can be the first step for our students to leading a healthy lifestyle which will carry in to their adult years. Spread the word….”Join the Movement”….WE ARE A BIG DEAL!!! 

Physical education encourages physical activity for life, provides an outlet for creativity, develops cooperation and teamwork, builds self-confidence, provides opportunities for personal goal-setting, increases personal fitness and motor skill development, helps reduce stress & anxiety, strengthens relationships with others and boosts academic learning!

This poster was developed as a FUN physical education ENTRY VISUAL that gets straight to the point. This poster was designed to be placed on or above a gym door to let others know (in a fun way) that we are PROUD of who we are and PROUD of what we teach! 

Click below to see the rest of Cap'n Pete's Physical Education Entry Posters and the Bundled Collection:

Physical Education Entry Posters- 9 PE Poster Advocacy Bundle

PE Entry Poster: Physical Education- Designing Your Action Plan for Life!
PE Entry Poster: We were Designed to Move our Bodies!
PE Entry Poster: Physical Education- Developing Bodies; Boosting Brains
PE Entry Poster: Physical Education- Join the Movement!
PE Entry Poster: We Move with a Purpose
PE Entry Poster: We are Phys Ed Strong
PE Entry Poster: Physical Education...not Gym Class
PE Entry Poster: Physical Education...We're Kind of a Big Deal
PE Entry Poster: Physical Education- We Have Skills!!

PE Entry Poster: Physical Education- Join the Movement!

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