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184 Student-Friendly PE Tasks to Perform At-Home! 


Download 5 Engaging, At-Home Task Card Challenge Sets that will give you a variety of movement experiences to use in your physical education, distance learning lessons. The PE Distance Learning Series- 5 Set Super Bundle for Home is a combination of 5 of Cap’n Pete’s fitness, movement and skill-based task card sets for students to perform at home. 
Each individual PE Distance Learning Task Card set provides 24 to 40 HOME-BASED task cards that students can use at home to stay active during times they are not at school or involved in an organized movement program. The bundle gives you 184 total visuals that a teacher can use to help keep their students moving and learning at home!! The visuals make it EASY for students to first read and then perform a variety of fitness, movement, and skill-based movements in small space environments. The movement tasks provide ample opportunities for them to continue their physical education experience while cooped up at home.
What Resources are in the PE Distance Learning Series: 5 Set SUPER BUNDLE for Home?
1. 40 Fitness-Based Tasks for Students at Home 
2. 40 Small Space Movement Tasks for Students at Home 
3. 40 Tossing and Catching Tasks for Students at Home 
4. 40 PE Skill Tasks for Students at Home ⛹️
5. 24 YOGA Poses for Students at Home 
⚡ FLASH BONUS ⚡ - For a limited time, this bundle also includes the following activity set: Celebrate 100 Fitness Blasts- 10 FUN Workouts. The “Celebrate 100” Fitness Blast set is made up of 10 distinct MINI-BLAST workouts that provide an energetic, self-guided movement experience for the students to participate in. Each of the 10 workouts showcases 10 FUN movements that require 10 repetitions or seconds of action!! They can easily be used by a PE or classroom teacher to provide students a quality, fitness-based activity, either in school or at-home, and they will absolutely LOVE it!
 Save over 25% on the individual Distance Learning Challenge/Task Card Sets when buying Cap’n Pete’s 5 Set, Task Card Super you get the flash bonus Celebrate 100 Fitness Blast set!! Together these distance learning challenges, and fitness set will give you the ability to plan a multitude of lessons that will keep your students engaged and moving! 
 The PE Distance Learning Series bundle provides a convenient and creative way for you to have your students move at home “with a purpose!” The task cards are colorful with “top of the line” graphics and detailed instructions. Each skill-based task card includes the following components: 1. Movement/Skill Identification, 2. Movement/Skill Graphic, 3. Rep or Time Suggestion, 4. Detailed Description of the Movement/Skill, and 5. Tips for Success. Also now included in each set's zip folder is the Optional PE Movement Activity Log (in Word or PDF) for students to record the tasks/movements they perform at home.
Why Should I Download the PE Distance Learning Series, 5 Set Super Bundle?

  •  Can use in Asynchronous and Synchronous Teaching Situations
  •  Over 40 High Ratings and Reviews
  •  Easy to Implement At-Home
  •  Student Friendly Visuals
  •  3 Formats Included- PDF, JPG and PowerPoint
  •  Detailed Graphics and Instructions 
  •  Variety of Movement Situations
  •  Great for All Ages (Include the Whole Family)
  •  Activity Log Included

PE Distance Learning Series: 5 Set SUPER BUNDLE for Home

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