The PERFECT set for HOME-BASED PE and Physical Movement during the Corona-virus Outbreak and Social Distance Situation!


The PE Distance Learning Series- 40 Home Small Space Movement Tasks packet is a FUN AND ACTIVE set of challenging task cards that students can use at home to stay active during times they are not at school or involved in an organized movement program. The cards make it EASY for students to first read and then perform a variety of ENGAGING movements in small space environments. The movements provide ample opportunities for them to work on their agility, jumping and tumbling skills while cooped up at home. Students need to MOVE their bodies in whatever environment they face!!


The cards can be used by a physical education teacher to send home to their students to help keep them active outside of school while subsequently addressing their PE standards. Classroom teachers can also send the visuals home to help promote movement as a “brain boost” between assigned academic tasks. The zip folder includes 3 formats that include PDF, JPG and PowerPoint.


The PE Distance Learning Series- 40 Home Small Space Movement Tasks are a very convenient and creative way for you to have your students move at home “with a purpose!” The task cards are very colorful with “top of the line” graphics and detailed instructions. Each task card includes the following components: 1. Movement/Skill Identification, 2. Movement/Skill Graphic, 3. Rep Or Time Suggestion, 4. Detailed Description of the Movement/Skill, and 5. Tips for Success.


These movement-based task cards are colorful, attractive and “kid friendly”. Students will enjoy the variation in movement and will love the animated pictures and descriptions/tips that accompany the desired actions!


Also included in the zip folder is the Optional PE Movement Activity Log (in Word or PDF) for students to record the tasks/movements they perform at home.


  • Download the Home Small Space Movement Task Cards and extract from the Zip file
  • Decide which format (PDF, JPG or PP) and number of cards (1 or 2 movements per page) fits your students’ needs best.
  • Send an electronic version of the task cards to your students with personal instructions for use. This is dependent on your situation and the students you serve. You can break them up and send daily or weekly if you want to provide segmented lessons
  • Send the optional PE Movement Activity Log (in Word or PDF) for
    students to record the tasks/movements they perform at home.


What Will the Students Need at Home?


  • A movement area; could be very small space like a living room, a medium size space like a basement area or even an outside space like your backyard. Adjust the distance you move and travel according to the amount of space you have
  • Plastic bottles (2-liter, water bottles, etc.)
  • Timing device (stopwatch, digital watch)
  • Paper plates or flat markers to be used on the ground to jump and step on
  • A pool noodle or straight stick (soft if possible…plastic would work)
  • A jump rope or any kind of rope/string to make a circle on the ground
  • A soft area to tumble and crawl on (carpet, rug or mat)
  • A partner to move with. Moms, dads, sisters or brothers work great!


Note: Some of the tasks and images are similar to my PE Cones/Polyspots, Pool Noodle and Tumbling Mat PE Equipment Sets. If you already purchased those items, you may want to use those sets for home activity with instructions to replace with common household items such as plastic bottles, paper plates and rope or string.

PE Distance Learning Series: 40 Small Space Movement Tasks for Students at Home

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