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The PE Cube Fitness product provides 17 exercise and dice, constructible cubes that can be used in a variety of warm-up or fitness related PE activities. After printing off the template sheets, the cubes are easily constructed by cutting, folding and gluing tabs. Once constructed, VOILA, you have a cool “3D” method to ENGAGE your students in their learning!!!

The PE Fitness Cubes work like dice and can be rolled by students to provide them with an assortment of strength, flexibility, plyometric, Yoga, locomotor and manipulative skill movements. In addition (pardon the pun), six of the Cube templates are number and symbol images and work to complement the fitness dice by providing numbers for exercise reps and movement time which will add an element of mathematics to your lesson. Students will a have the chance to add, subtract and multiply numbers as they “roll the dice” and move. Inside the packet are also 6 suggested Fitness Cube activities that you can do with your students!

The PE Cube Fitness product has been broken down into 3 categories:

Grouped Fitness Cubes: these are cubes that have been categorized by various fitness elements (great for station work) and include: 1. Flexibility, 2. Plyometrics, 3. Strength, 4. Yoga, 5. Locomotor Movement and 6. Manipulative skills

Cross Training Cubes: these cubes combine one of each of the above fitness elements on each cube. These cubes provide a better “mixed” grouping of exercises which works better with large group activities).

Number and Symbol Cubes: these cubes complement and work in conjunction with the Grouped Fitness and Cross Training Cubes. With them, you are able to have students roll multiple die which gives students the ability to assign numbers to reps, time to movements and they even provide the opportunity for students to add, subtract and multiply in PE class.

PE Cube Fitness- 17 Constructible PE Movement Cubes

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