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The PE- Concentration; Thanksgiving Locomotor Movement Activity using the Thanksgiving Icon Memory Cards makes an ideal Fall Thanksgiving PE activity that is cooperative, fun and healthy! This package includes a complete Activity Plan and 30 different matching Thanksgiving Icon Memory Cards. The Activity Plan is complete with the activity set-up, equipment needed, teacher directions, SHAPE standards and a graphic depicting the activity. 

There are 30 Memory Cards that students will venture out to find that include many Thanksgiving Icons such as turkeys, Pilgrims, and various different Thanksgiving Dinner items. Small groups work together to collect icon matches, while they move around the gym, in a variety of ways.

The PE- Concentration- Thanksgiving Locomotor Movement Activity (with cut out memory cards) is ideal for a physical education or classroom teacher to use during the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. The Memory Cards look great and are a “breeze” to use and they can also be easily incorporated into many of your current fitness-based warm ups and activities. The activity and Thanksgiving memory cards provided in this packet were created to be “FUN” and your students will ask you to bring them out every year during Thanksgiving!

PE Concentration: Thanksgiving Version- Activity Plan with 30 Matching Cards

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