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Inside this PACKAGE are 25 fun and engaging small-group, multi-skill games designed for students with a wide range of abilities and ages from 1st Grade through 10th Grade. These breakout games are ideal for dividing students into small groups and having them play in multiple spaces in a gym, blacktop area, parking lot or field.


These games can be used by PE teachers as an extension of their unit or can be combined to have numerous activities occurring simultaneously during a single class period. The individual games can also be utilized by a classroom teacher as an organized recess activity to keep students active and focused during their play time. In addition, many of the games make great small-group activities for school-wide events such as Field Day or as a seasonal reward day.


Cap’n Pete’s PE Small Group Games incorporate many PE-related manipulative skills, fitness activities and movement concepts. The games provide opportunities for students to improve their catching, throwing, kicking, striking, running, goal keeping, tracking, dodging, tagging, reaction time, cardiovascular endurance, teamwork, sportsmanship, hand-eye coordination, accuracy & agility. One great thing about these games is that students can be placed in ability groups that consider developmental skill and fitness factors to help keep the games fair, even and safe for all.


The Break Out Games include: 1. Catch Ball, 2. Circle Pole Ball, 3. Criss Cross, 4. Curb Ball, 5. Disco, 6. Five Alive, 7. Flash Ball, 8. Flying Disc Golf, 9. Four Square, 10. Four Square Volley, 11. Home Run Derby, 12. Hoop Ball, 13. Intercept, 14. Keep it up, 15. King’s Court, 16. Line Volleyball, 17. Paddle 4 -Square, 18. Pin Ball, 19. Rescue Me, 20. Rippers and Runners, 21. Soccer Score Ball, 22. Team Wall Ball, 23. Touchdown Return, 24. Trac and Score and 25. Wall Handball


Although there is inherent competition in these small group breakout games, the teacher should emphasize sportsmanship and teach methods for resolving differences such as using student-referees (those waiting to rotate in), using Rock-Paper-Scissors for breaking “ties” and replaying close calls in a game. Students can be taught to take self-time outs when they need to have a “breather” and should understand that they can come to the teacher if they feel a game is not being played correctly or safely. Teachers should continually emphasize safety and stop the activity if redirection is needed.

PE Small Group Games- 25 "Dynamic" Breakout Activities

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