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The PE Boot Camp, “Tactical Skills” cards are 20 Fitness Circuit visuals that can be used with your students in a school gym or can be easily modified and performed in a smaller space such as a classroom or empty cafeteria. Each fitness circuit card provides a health or skill-related component of fitness exercise or movement and is accompanied with a kid-friendly graphic and military-themed background and font. This is the fourth set of circuit cards from Cap’n Pete’s “PE Boot Camp” series.


The movements in this PE Boot Camp align with SHAPE America’s National Standards and there are plenty of exercises for you to choose from. Each fitness circuit card provides an exercise movement for your students to perform for about 60 to 90 seconds. This set incorporates some basic PE equipment such as playground balls, hula hoops, yarn balls and jump ropes. The equipment can be modified to what is in your PE storage room.


These Boot Camp, “Tactical Skills” circuit cards are ideal for a physical education program to use as a warmup prior to a focus activity or as a stand alone activity in a fitness unit. Classroom teachers can use them as a “Brain Break” or “Brain Boost” during those times of the day that students need to get up and MOVE!!

PE BOOT CAMP SERIES: Tactical Skills- 20 Fitness Circuit Cards

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