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Inside this PACKAGE are 25 “STRIKINGLY GOOD” base games, designed for students with a wide range of abilities and ages, from 2nd Grade through 10th Grade. These BASE GAMES are ideal for large or medium sized groups, outside on a field, at a regulation softball/baseball diamond, inside a gym or even on a blacktop play area that has a hard surface. Several of the games are striking and running games, however there are some that involve kicking, spinning discs or even rolling hoops. Most of the games require little equipment using standard PE items such a few bases, bats, whiffle balls, dense foam balls, playground balls, cones, and Frisbees.


These games can be used by PE TEACHERS as an extension of their softball/soccer units (after the basic skills have been taught) or they can be utilized by a CLASSROOM TEACHERs as an organized RECESS GAME ACTIVITIES to keep students active and focused during their play time. In addition, many of the base games make great large-group activities for school-wide events such as FIELD DAY or for a class or grade-level REWARD DAY sometime during the school year.


These base games involve many skills and concepts that relate directly to traditional baseball/softball such as striking, fielding, catching, throwing, teamwork and sportsmanship. There are several kicking-related base games too and many of these games have suggestions for modifications and can be performed using either striking or kicking as the “catalyst” for play. Some of the games are “breakout” games in which students play in small groups and move to different areas of a field/gym but most are medium to large group, team games in which students swap from offensive to defensive roles as a large unit.


The 25 Base Games include:


1. Around the World, 2. Base Race, 3. Base Swap, 4. Coneball, 5. Disc Baseball, 6. Double Up, 7. Five Hundred, 8. Football Baseball, 9. Fuzzball, 10. Hit the Zones, 11. Hit, Pause and Run, 12. Home Run Derby, 13. Home Run Race, 14. Hoop it Up, 15. Kick and Run Derby, 16. Kickball, 17. Matball, 18. Pickle, 19. Pinball, 20. Raceball, 21. Rounders, 22. Scooter Baseball, 23. Snakeball, 24. Total Team Baseball and 25. Twenty One

PE Base Games- 25 "Strikingly Good" Base Game Activities

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