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Inside this packet you will find a variety of physical education-related award certificates that highlight a variety of commendable actions, characteristics or outcomes that PE teachers like to see in and from their students during daily classes! Inside you will find 12 colorful and attractive preset physical education awards including: Sportsmanship, Leadership, Effort, Synergize, Strategy, Great Attitude, Conduct, Respect, Proactive, Fitness, PE Skills and Safety. You will also find 3 unique, adaptable awards that you can name and describe yourself. 

All 15 of the PE award certificates (in the PowerPoint file) give you the ability to electronically input student and teacher names and the date of the award presentation. The 3 adaptable awards also provide text boxes for you to name and describe your own “distinctive” award. The attractive backgrounds and “cutting edge” images are set in all of the certificates. A PDF file of the 12 preset awards is also included with fill lines that allow you to input names using a pen or marker, in the case that you have a lot of students to recognize, and speed/efficiency in completing the certificates is important to you.

These PE Awards are an excellent way to recognize students that exhibit praiseworthy behaviors and actions and you can use them throughout the school year after units, grading periods or semesters for a variety of purposes. They also make great “end-of-the-year” celebration keepsakes that students and parents will cherish for years!

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