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The PE Assessment Series: Super Bundle combines four Assessment Series Bundles that in total include 24 skill/movement packages: 

PE Assessment Series: Bundle 1- Catching, Dribbling, Throwing, Rolling & Tossing

Catching a Ball, Hand Dribbling, Overhand Throw, Throwing a Football, Underhand Roll and Underhand Toss

PE Assessment Series: Bundle 2- Dribbling, Striking, Stick Handling & Kicking

Foot Driblling, Forehand Strike, Hockey Stick Handling, Kicking a Ball, Punting a Ball and Striking with a Bat

PE Assessment Series: Bundle 3- Volleying, Rolling, Push Ups and Jumping Rope

Forward Roll, Jumping Rope, Overhand Volley, Pushup, Twirling a Hula Hoop and Underhand Volley

PE Assessment Series: Bundle 4: Locomotor- Gallop, Hop, Leap, Skip, Slide & Jump

Galloping, Leaping, One Foot Hopping, Skipping, Slide Stepping and Two Foot Jumping

As a BONUS, there is a Physical Education Excel Data Worksheet- Editable included in this bundle to help for averaging skill point values which makes Performance-Based Grading much easier!!!

Each Assessment Series Skill Sheet package incorporates the following 4 formats:

1. Teacher Assessment (Pre-test/Post-test)
2. Teacher Assessment (Single Test Version)
3. Self-Assessment and 
4. Peer-Assessment

Each assessment format can be used by a physical education teacher for formative or summative assessment purposes. The different sheets share the same visuals, element descriptors and basic rubric system. The teacher versions (Pre/Post-test and Single test variation) allow for scoring to be conducted by the teacher while the peer and self-reflection versions provide an area for student reflection.

This PE Assessment Series Super Bundle also includes the following helpful resources: 

1. Working with PE Skill Assessment Data Guide: Used to determine if formative or summative assessment should be used- in each individual skill packet

2. PE Skill Outcome Scoring Rubric: used for student grading purposes- in each individual skill packet

3. Physical Education Excel Data Worksheet: used to enter and average skill/movement-based data based on the rubric- in a separate document inside main zip folder 

The PE Assessment Series- Super Bundle Packet would be appropriate to use with 1st through 10th Grade students

PE Assessment Series: Super Bundle: 24 Skill and Movement Assessment Packages

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