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The PE Assessment Series- Push up packet is a series of assessment sheets using the following 4 formats: 

* Teacher Assessment (Pre-test/Post-test)
* Teacher Assessment (Single Test Version)
* Self-Assessment and 
* Peer-Assessment

Each assessment format can be used by a physical education teacher for formative or summative assessment purposes.The different sheets share the same visuals, element descriptors and basic rubric system.The teacher versions (Pre/Post-test and Single test variation) allow for scoring to be conducted by the teacher while the peer and self-reflection versions provide an area for student reflection.

The Push up Assessment sheets provide columns with the following components: 

* Visuals to help the students and teachers see the desired movements
* Element/Cue descriptors that define the components of the skill
* Columns with animated ball visuals that students and teachers use to indicate (by circling)whether they “got it” or they are still “working on” the skill

Included in the packet is a “Working with PE Skill Assessment Data” guide and a PE Skill Outcome Scoring Rubric that can be used for student grading purposes. 

PE Assessment Series: Push up- 4 Versions

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