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The TABATA Celebration Dance Activity is a FUN and ACTIVE collection of visuals that can easily be utilized by a physical education or classroom teacher to provide students with a quality, dance-based, movement experience that they will absolutely LOVE! The celebration dances are Fornite inspired with popular and trendy dances depicted on the visuals that kids can relate to and know well.


This valuable resource is made up of 15 distinct color-coded TABATA Celebration Dance workout visuals that provide an energetic, timed movement experience for the students to participate in. The TABATA visuals can be applied in a number of different ways within a PE lesson or as a great warm-up activity. Classroom teachers can use the TABATA workout visuals as a Brain Boosting activity during those sluggish times of the day!


Each TABATA visual comes with 6 different dance-based movements that students will perform for a set amount of time. They can work well as an Instant Activity as students enter a movement area. Students first read the screen,signs or posters; then follow the directions and then move!!!




1. TABATA Visuals: 15 distinct color-coded dance movement visuals (6 “actions ”per workout) that can be used on a projected screen, as posters on the wall or signs at a station area.


2. Reference Guide: Inside this introduction section, there is a “linked” reference guide that links to You Tube videos of each dance.


3. Activity Plan: A comprehensive activity plan that includes standards, detailed instructions and modifications.


The structure of the dance TABATA program is as follows:


MOVE (dance) for 20 seconds using a specific dance move

Rest for 10 seconds

MOVE (dance) for 20 seconds

Rest for 10 seconds

Continue this process until the entire TABATA is complete



Teachers can use any number of different combinations in the dances selected for the 20 second work interval

* The activity does not require large amounts of equipment or space

* Students can work at their own fitness level

PE Activity: TABATA (Celebration Dance Version)- 15 Dance Visuals

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