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The Super Challenge Series- PE Skills Edition is a FUN and ACTIVE collection of skill-based activity progression visuals. These challenges can easily be utilized by a physical education or classroom teacher to provide students with a quality, manipulative skill-based, highly engaging LEARNING experience they will absolutely LOVE! The Super Challenge Series sheets are “Kid-Friendly” (incorporating a Super Hero theme) and the set comes complete with a detailed activity plan and optional incentive tickets for completing each challenge sheet.

This valuable resource is made up of 26 individual challenge visuals; one for each letter of the alphabet. Each sheet consists of 6 manipulative skill-based challenges, that progressively get more difficult as the students work through the tasks. The challenges were designed to use typical PE equipment that includes activities using; beanbags, hula hoops, jump ropes, balloons, juggling scarves, paddles, rackets and playground balls. Students can work on their own, in partners or small groups to attempt the self-guided/paced progressions. 

The Super Challenge Series PE activity can be used as a portion of a class period or can stretch out to an entire lesson. Students work their way through the challenge sheets and when complete, move on to another one. Each visual has a Super Hero letter (A – Z) on the top left to help students keep track of what challenges they have already accomplished. This set includes incentive-based “Super Dab” tickets that students can collect after they complete each challenge sheet. The tickets are an optional part of the activity but can serve as a fun way to motivate your students as they progress through the activity.

PE Activity: Super Challenge Series- PE Skills Edition

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