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The following fitness activity, “What’s on Your Plate- Celebration Dance Edition” is a high energy, fun and organized Fortnite-inspired dance and fitness activity that can easily be used as a warm up, cool down, or extended as a “stand alone” activity during fitness instruction. Twenty four circular signs with corresponding Fortnite-inspired celebration dances were designed to help develop your students coordination and personal fitness before or during your PE lessons in conjunction with a dance unit. Your students will love the “hip and cool” dances and the kid-friendly graphics. They will want to repeat the activity many times during the school year and it will give you a trendy instant activity to add excitement to your classes.


This fitness/dance activity can be used in a gym setting, in a classroom or anywhere that you have some space to have kids perform some dance and movement skills in small groups. The “What’s on Your Plate- Celebration Dance Edition” is very easy to set up and can last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, depending upon the duration you use per rotational movement set. You don’t even need any equipment!!!

PE Activities: What's on your Plate- Celebration Dance Edition

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