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The Locomotor Cards and Labyrinth Activity is great way for your students to improve their locomotor movement, build strength/endurance and have fun too!!! This activity was also put together to teach students to move, in a variety of ways, from POINT A TO POINT B. 

The students are put in a labyrinth (a maze made with cones) inside a gym, classroom or an outside playing area and they perform a number of locomotor movements as they travel through it (to music). The students will recognize the locomotor movements from the signs and then they will read, follow and perform the appropriate cues for each of the movements based on the signs (included in this package).


1 Comprehensive Lesson Plan which includes; object of the lesson, NASPE Standards addressed, set up procedures, learning outcomes, essential questions, modification ideas, instructions for the activity, materials/resources, safety and assessment

1 Detailed Diagram of the Labyrinth set up

25 “LOCOMOTOR” MOVEMENT CARDS to be used inside the Labyrinth Activity – there are enough cards to do the activity several times using different LOCOMOTOR movements each lesson.

This Locomotor Labyrinth Activity is ideal as a PE Warm Up, a Fitness Unit Lesson, a Locomotor Movement Unit or possibly as a closer for a general PE class. Classroom teachers could also use this activity inside their classrooms or outside in a playing area such as a playground or field. The Locomotor Labyrinth and Cards have been designed for Kindergarten through 5th grade students.

The Locomotor Movement Labyrinth Activity and 25 Movement Cards requires very little equipment- several cones, poly spots, and/or gym lines to mark rows inside the Labyrinth is all you would need. 

Locomotor Movement- Labyrinth Activity with 25 Movement Cards

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