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This lesson plan and diagram is for a large group physical education class game called "The Danger Zone". It is a chasing, dodging and fleeing game. Two teams of "Fighter Pilots" attempt to penetrate enemy airspace to get through the "Danger Zone" into the "no Fly Zone". The ultimate prize is to collect the most "trophies" and attain "Top Gun" status.

The kids will leave the gym with smiles on their faces and will be asking you if they really have to leave. You will need some bowling pins, Frisbees, yarn balls, pinnies and hoops to play.

**Note: The Danger Zone can be played as a human target-type game. SHAPE America does not endorse games that use human targets for PE. You can easily play this game using tags instead of underhand tosses at opposing players. The full version (using underhand tosses as a method of "freezing" a player) may be best played as a "reward" game or as an After School Program or Intramural activity. 

Out of this World PE Games!- "The Danger Zone"

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