The following “cosmic” games are a series of fast paced, high energy, large group PE games set to a theme that is “Out of this World.” All 12 games have “cool” references to things like space, planets, stars, aliens, cosmos, meteors, time warps, jets, galaxies, and black holes….all of the things kids love! 

These games are tried and true games that students love and ask for on a weekly basis. I have used them with up to 3 or 4 classes at the same time or as little as 1 class at a time. They are geared towards elementary-aged students, however I have used them with middle and high school students and they love them too! The games can be modified to fit your gym size and the equipment listed in the plan can be switched out for something else that you have in your closet. 

The following 12 games: 1. Space Invaders, 2. Masters of the Universe, 3. Escape from Cyberspace, 4. Galaxy Quest, 5. Space Junk Collectors, 6. Meteor Blitz, 7. Sky Bowling, 8. Space Connector, 9. Star Wars, 10. Guardians of the Stars, 11. Stars and Strikes, and 12. The Danger Zone are included in this package and can be used with large groups of students in a P.E. class setting or with smaller groups in a sports or church camp.

**Note: One of the games, Masters of the Universe is a human target-type game. Another one, Danger Zone, has that option but tags can be used vs underhand tosses. SHAPE America does not endorse games that use human targets for PE. These games are a lot of fun and work great for After School Program, Intramural or class reward games.

Out of this World PE Games!- "12 Large Group Games"

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