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This Moving in the Classroom Visual Series- Twelve ANIMAL-LIKE Ways to Move in the Classroom serves as a practical instructional graphic for teachers to use to share a variety of classroom-based movement experiences with their students. The visual can be printed out and used on a bulletin board or projected on a screen using an electronic device. The movements are fun and great for Brain Breaks or indoor recess. The visuals can also be used for Distance Learning to help students move their bodies at home.


NOTE: This visual is similar to Cap'n Pete's COVID-19 Visual Series- 12 ANIMAL-LIKE Ways to Move at Home product. The wording and graphics in this product are geared more towards the classroom environment vs an at-home experience but many of the movements are the same.


The Twelve ANIMAL-LIKE Ways to Move in the Classroom movement experiences are easy for students to understand and implement with minimal equipment. The visual is downloadable in 6 color schemes displaying twelve fitness or skill-based movements. The graphics utilized in the visual are attractive, kid-friendly and relatable.


The visuals are in a Zip folder with 2 Formats- PDF and JPEG. Teachers can use the JPG format to choose a color and insert in any kind of document (Slides, PowerPoint, etc.). The graphics are high quality, and the visuals can be blown up to poster size if needed.

Moving in the Classroom Visual Series- 12 ANIMAL-LIKE Ways to Move in Class

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