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This product is a comprehensive Kickball Tournament resource that includes the important components of a successful Kickball tournament including; why kickball, when and where to hold a tournament, equipment needed, officials tasks, set-up, procedures, general rules, fielding rules, kicking rules, sportsmanship and safety. This resource also includes a Kickball Tournament Team Sheet and 2 formats of tournament brackets; 1) Double Elimination (3 - 12 team brackets) and 2) Round Robin (4 -12 team guide forms). 

Kickball is a great small group, class, grade level or school wide activity that is challenging and fun for all age groups! A Kickball tournament can build excitement in your school, league, church group or camp. 

At school, a kickball tournament can be a great PE activity for the end of a school year or semester. A kickball tournament could also be organized by grade-level teachers to bring an entire grade level together for an exciting event at the end of the school year (best with 3rd to 8th grade students)

A kickball tournament can take place either indoors in a large facility (preferably a gym with a sport court or carpet floor) or outdoors on a blacktop or soft grassy area or even better on a regulation baseball/softball diamond if one is available at or near your school or church

PE Kickball Tournament Comprehensive Resource

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