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The “Jigsaw PE Skills- 30 Puzzle Cutouts & Activity Plan” product is a visual package of 30 PE skill-related exercise puzzles which includes an activity plan that implements the puzzles in a small group relay game. The students perform designated locomotor movements to obtain puzzle pieces and then work together to assemble 9 piece puzzles that convey PE manipulative skills. The students then perform the movements (as a group) after they assemble each puzzle. This activity integrates locomotor movement, social interaction, cognitive ability and PE manipulative skills.

Inside the packet are 30 separate PE Skill puzzles that include rep or time counts and a detailed activity plan that lists the: 1. Overview, 2. Grade levels, 3. SHAPE Standards, 4. Equipment, 5. Set Up, 6. Directions, 7. Modifications, and 8. A Diagram. 
PE teachers can use Jigsaw PE Skill puzzles as a warm up or as a method of practicing PE skills during units of study. Classroom teachers can use Jigsaw Fitness as a brain break, classroom energizer, recess activity or reward event. 

The Jigsaw PE Skill- 30 Puzzle Cutouts & Activity Plan packet was designed for all ages but is best suited for students from Kindergarten through 8th Grade. 

JIGSAW PE SKILLS- 30 Puzzle Cutouts & Activity Plan

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