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The Health Alphabet Word Wall Display is a valuable resource that was designed to give health education teachers the ability to easily display commonly used Health-related words in their classrooms and other teaching areas. The product was developed using attractive and kid-friendly graphics, borders and font. This health resource was inspired by a request from Australian PE teacher, Shannon Cameron, who was also instrumental in the word development and editing of the product. 

Inside the main PDF file, of this packet, you will find an oval-shaped graphic for each of the 26 letters and 6 Health-related words that correspond with each letter. The letters and words are framed in similar colors and a kid-friendly sport image accompanies each letter. A separate, editable Power Point file is included in the zip folder that allows you to build your own displayable PE words. The editable file uses the same colors as the main PDF file so that you can match them up with the display letters. 

The display word font in the main PDF folder was constructed using BD Cartoon Shout however, the editable file has a more common font (Courier New) that many people already have in their PowerPoint programs. Since it is a truly editable file, you can always change the font to something else that you desire. 

The PE Alphabet Word Wall Display is an excellent way for you to discuss with your students terms that you commonly use during your daily PE lessons. The words in the main PDF file cover a diverse age group of students (3rd – 10th grades), however using the editable word building file, you can easily tailor your Alphabet Words to meet the needs of your specific student age group. 

Health Alphabet Word Wall- Complete Display and Editable Word Building File

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