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The following product is a 29 slide Power Point presentation on the topic of “Stress Management". The presentation slides include relevant subtitles, bulleted text, infographics, tables, and animation all on some attractive, retro backgrounds.


The information is ideal as a lead-in presentation for a health course with general stress management information that would be covered in a typical health class. This PowerPoint topic would be appropriate for high school students or university health, physical education and/or fitness classes.


Topics in this PowerPoint presentation include 1. Stress Definition, 2. Eustress and Distress, 3. General Adaptation Syndrome, 4.Symptoms and Medical Effects of Stress, 5. Personalities and Stress, 6. Dealing with Stress (Stress Management) and 7. Tips for Managing Anger


NOTE: This resource a PowerPoint presentation only and does not include handouts or assessment materials.


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Health 4 Life Power Point Series: Stress Management

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