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Save over 30% when purchasing the Super Bundle vs purchasing the individual sets of grouping signs!!

This “Group Signs and Cards” SUPER BUNDLE is a 7 SET, CATEGORIZED PACKAGE of full page signs and 16 to a sheet mini cards that can be used to help in organizing groups in a PE or classroom setting.

PE teachers will find the signs and handy for organizing students in squads for warm up activities or as a reference point to send students to, when separating them into teams during any kind of team or cooperative play. The signs would also be helpful in organizing intramural activities in the gym. The color mini Cards could be used as a method of “grouping” students through teacher “pre-assignment” or through a “random draw” of the cards. 

This sign and card set could also be used in a variety of classroom educational settings for a variety of purposes. The SIGNS and CARDS could also be used as physical markers in the classroom, in educational games or as an organizational tool for grouping students in reading, science, math, spelling or other focus groups.

Just copy, cut, laminate and you are ready to GO!!!

The Superbundle would be a good purchase option if you like a variety of categories when you group your classes. My elementary students love the funny pictures and group names when we break up into teams or stations. For example one day I will break them up in station groups and they will be different insects as they move around from station to station. The next day they might be Superheroes. The day after they are crazy animals. They can pick a card and are grouped based on what card they chose. They love the suspense (of what group they will be in) and the variety of categories!

The Group Signs and Cards package is composed of the following 7 individual category sets:

Group Signs and Cards: Animals

Group Signs and Cards: Adventurers

Group Signs and Cards: Colors

Group Signs and Cards: Countries and Flags

Group Signs and Cards: Critters

Group Signs and Cards: Insects

Group Signs and Cards: Superheroes

Grouping Signs and Cards: 7 Set Super Bundle

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