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140 Student-Friendly PE Fitness Circuit Cards!



Download 7 ACTIVE and ENGAGING, Fitness Circuit Task Card Sets that will give you a variety of health-related and skill-related fitness-based movements to use in your physical education classes, school classrooms, or camp & church situations. The Fitness Circuit Task Cards: Health & Skill Related Components- 7 Set Mega-Bundle is a is a comprehensive collection of Health and Skill-Related Fitness resources with 140 unique fitness task cards (20 cards per product). The cards can also be used in distance learning, home-based learning circumstances.


The Fitness Circuit Mega-Bundle is a comprehensive grouping of health or skill-related exercise signs (descriptors and images), along with a full lesson plan, circuit diagram and an assessment exit slip. Together, the items in each product provide you with a practical tool to help guide your students through a variety of FUN AND ACTIVE exercises, movements, mini-games, and skills.


Each individual component of fitness circuit set provides 20 FUN AND ACTIVE tasks that teachers & instructors can use for leading fitness movement and teaching fitness-related concepts in both small or large spaces. That gives you 140 total visuals in the Super Bundle!! The cards make it easy for students to first read and then perform a variety of engaging, self-guided fitness-based movements in a gym, classroom or home. The movements provide ample opportunities for them to increase their overall fitness levels in a beneficial and enjoyable way!



What Fitness Circuit Task Cards: Health & Skill Related Components- 7 Set Mega-Bundle


1. Fitness Circuit Cards- Cardiovascular Endurance- 20 Tasks

2. Fitness Circuit Cards- Flexibility- 20 Tasks

3. Fitness Circuit Cards- Muscular Endurance- 20 Tasks

4. Fitness Circuit Cards Muscular Strength and Power- 20 Tasks

5. Fitness Circuit Cards- Balance and Kinesthetic Awareness- 20 Tasks

6. Fitness Circuit Cards- Coordination and Reaction Time- 20 Tasks

7. Fitness Circuit Cards- Speed and Agility- 20 Tasks



⚡ FLASH BONUS  - For a limited time, this bundle also includes the following visual: PE Poster: Components of Fitness- Health and Skill-Related. This colorful “Components of Fitness” poster clearly identifies the 5 Key Health-Related and 6 Key Skill-Related components of fitness. The poster includes a corresponding “action-based” fitness image for each component that will help your students easily relate. The PDF file includes 4 different header colors to match your school’s gym colors. The visual can be displayed in key areas of your gym to be highlighted during instruction. It can be used to reinforce the fitness-related concepts you cover during your class. Whether it is a game you are playing or a sport-specific skill you are working on, the health or skill related component visual can work as a valuable and practical tool for you to come back to time and time again!



Save 30% on the individual 20-Card Circuits products when buying Cap’n Pete’s 7 Set, you get the flash bonus PE Poster: Components of Fitness- Health and Skill-Related visual resource for your gym walls or bulletin board!! Together these fitness-based movement tasks and visual aid will give you the ability to plan a multitude of PE lessons for the gym or classroom (or any movement area) that will keep your students engaged, focused and active!



The Fitness Circuit Task Cards: Health & Skill Related Components- 7 Set Mega-Bundle is ideal for PE teachers to reinforce teaching cues in a fitness unit or can be used as a warm up, cool down or an instant activity. Classroom teachers could also use a few task cards to make a small circuit inside their classrooms or multiple cards outside in a playing area such as a playground or field. Ideal for a BRAIN BOOST during the day!!



Why Should I Download the PE Equipment Challenge Card, 20 Set Bundle?


  • Organized Fitness Development
  • Effective for Student Learning
  • High Ratings and Reviews on the Bundle and Individual Circuit Sets
  • Easy to Implement in Daily Classes
  • Student Friendly Visuals
  • 2 Formats Included- PDF and JPG
  • Detailed Graphics and Instructions
  • Use Year After Year
  • Great for a Variety of Ages and Skill Levels


Fitness Circuit Task Cards: Health & Skill Related Components- 7 Set Mega-Bundle

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