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25% off the individual activity prices when you purchase this BUNDLE. 

The Fired up Fitness: Fitness Game Pack is a 5 product bundle of Cap’n Pete’s top selling fitness game activities that students absolutely love! The activities are non-conventional, cutting edge and super fun. They provide students new ways to enjoy movement which can serve as a catalyst to them leading lifelong, healthy and active lifestyles. The activities are standards-based and align with SHAPE America’s current grade level outcomes. 

The Fired up Fitness Power Pack Bundle includes the following fitness activities: 

1. Fitness Bingo- 30 Different Bingo Cards and Teacher Tools
2. PE Activities: Detective Fitness
3. JIGSAW FITNESS - 30 Puzzle Cutouts & Activity Plan
4. Fitness Scrabble-Scramble: PE Activity with Printable Letters and Point Values
5. Tic-Tac-Toe Fitness- 15 Unique Tic-Tac-Toe Exercise Cards & Activity Plan

Each activity set is unique and can be repeated multiple times during a school year. The students will workout their bodies but will not even know it because they will be having so much fun playing the games. Most of the activities and visuals in this set require very little or no equipment at all. Just provide a few instructions, turn on the music and “GET BUSY!!”

Fired up Fitness: 5 Product Fitness Game Pack BUNDLE

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