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The “Field Day Event Cards- 20 Outdoor, Hard Surface Events product is a visual package of signs that can be used during large group Field Day events. The cards serve to help field day volunteers, teachers, leaders and students easily understand the “outdoor, hard surface” events by delivering specific instructions and providing attractive graphics depicting the events. Without having to provide a great deal of verbal explanation to volunteers and teachers, your field day event can run easily and efficiently.

The Event Cards in this product can be used by themselves or as a compliment to the field day events from my products: Fired up Field Day! - "50 Fun Events“ and "Surf's Up" Field Day- A Comprehensive Elementary School Field Day Plan. The cards match the events used in those products with a few new, non-relay, large group events added in this package such as a bubble break, 4 Square, hoop it up and the limbo. These cards really bring “life” to the events, the students love them and they will add an element of professionalism to your Field Day event!

Inside the packet are 20 Field Day Event Cards to be used on outdoor, hard surfaces. Also included in this product is an event table that provides a general description, equipment needed and a set-up diagram for each event. The table can be cut in strips and handed out to the volunteers to help with the set-up and implementation of the events during the day. Most of the events are relay type events, however there are a few “large group team” and “fun and relaxation” events too. 

Field Day Event Cards- 20 Outdoor, Hard Surface Events

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