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Are you looking for a great way to bring your students and their families together for a HEALTHY, FUN-FILLED after school event? Well this packet is for you!!! 

A Family Fitness Fun Night brings parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers and other community members in to your gym or play area providing them an opportunity to exercise and play together, while at the same time, showcasing many of the outstanding activities that take place during your yearly PE Program.

This Family Fitness Fun Night packet includes 25 outstanding activity station cards, complete with a title, family movement images and activity descriptors. Inside the packet Zip folder is also an editable parent letter inviting them to the event. The activities are SHAPE standards-based and there are plenty of activities for you to choose from to make the night a complete SUCCESS!!! 

This AWESOME experience can take place as a “standalone” physical education event or can be implemented in conjunction with a PTA meeting, health fair or any other general school-based event. The PE students showcase their PE fitness and manipulative skills to their visitors and at the same time, TEACH others to play and exercise along side of them.


Balance Station
Basketball Dribble
Balloon Fun
Beach Ball Volley
Beanbag Toss
Climbing Wall
Cup Stacking
Cross the River
Flexibility Station
Fling Disc Toss
4 Square
Hula Hoop Twirl
Long Jump Rope
Noodle Balance
Noodle Limbo
Scarf Toss
Scooter Board Scoot
Shuttle Run
Short Jump Ropes
Soccer Circle Dribble
Striking a Ball- Paddle
Strength Stations
Yoga poses

Family Fitness Fun Night: 25 Movement Activities for Parents and Kids

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