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The following printable display signs were created as a visual aid showcasing the 6 principles of exercise training (overload, specificity, progression, reversibility, adaptation and individual differences) and the 4, FITT guidelines (Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type). 

Each individual “principles of exercise training” sign has been uniquely created with vibrant colors and attractive text. The signs provide definitions and examples/extensions of each principle and include exciting graphics that grab the students’ attention. The signs can be displayed in key areas of your gym to be highlighted during instruction. They can easily be used to reinforce the exercise concepts you cover during your class. 

The signs will surely be noticed by your students, principals, parents and colleagues and will work as a valuable tool for you to come back to time and time again!

You can use these printable display signs on your gym wall, at your front door bulletin board or in our gym hallway to showcase some of the ideals we expect our students to achieve in physical education class. Print the “Exercise Principles” title page and individual signs and then laminate and place them in your gym to enjoy for years.

Principles of Exercise Training- Printable Display Signs

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