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NEW: Just added in the option to get links from either Google Drive or Dropbox. Some districts were not allowing links to go to Dropbox so now there are now 2 sets of PE Virtual Lessons, 1 that links to Google Drive and 1 that links to Dropbox. Both avenues use PDF's that can be viewed/downloaded but not edited. Please check with your school/district to see if links to and from the Virtual Gym Lesson in either Google Drive or Dropbox are permitted before you purchase!!


The PE Distance Learning from the Virtual Gym- Catching Lesson #2 is a 5 Component, digital PE lesson that was designed for students to use in their home setting. Physical education or classroom teachers can easily send home the PDF virtual gym lesson through a link or by digital download. With the PDF file, students can CLICK on the 5-component lesson sections to read, move and learn. The activities, assessment and knowledge components are standards-based and are perfect for students to perform in their homes. Although only 30 minutes in length, this PE at-home lesson certainly “packs a punch!”


This 30-minute PE lesson includes the following 5 components: 1- Fitness Fun (Instant Activity), 2- Skill Focus , 3- Assessment (skill -based), 4- Cool Down and 5- Lesson Exit Check. The warmup, fitness fun and cool-down activities require no equipment and the skills-based challenges require items that students most likely already have in their homes. Students are encouraged to substitute the suggested equipment items if necessary or use imaginary equipment as a last resort.


Inside the PE Distance Learning from the Virtual Gym lesson packet is a Teachers' Information Guide and a Student Virtual Gym PDF (that includes a 2nd page of instructions to help them implement the lesson at home). The visuals and activities used in this virtual gym PE lesson are student-friendly and easy for students to perform at home. Students scan the PE lesson and then click on each component. Instructions are provided for each activity of the lesson. The movement-based task cards and instructional materials are colorful, educational and fun. Students will enjoy the variation in movement and will love the animated pictures and descriptions that accompany the desired actions!




  • Download the PE Distance Learning from the Virtual Gym lesson and extract the Teacher Guide and the Student PDF virtual gym lesson from the Zip file.
  • Read the Teacher Guide to determine how to distribute the lesson to your students (ex. Google Classroom, School Web Page, Email, Dropbox Link, etc.).
  • Distribute the PDF Virtual Gym lesson to your students with your own personal instruction. Include any modifications in instruction you feel work for you in your unique situation.
  • Students pull up the PDF virtual gym (PE lesson) either by downloading or clicking a link you provide.
  • Students perform the lesson by clicking on each of the 5 components and performing the activities. Each component has a Dropbox link that will pull up a PDF with the activity. Student instructions for each component are included on the 2nd page of the lesson PDF.
  • Note: There are 2 posters on the virtual gym back wall- 1. Knowledge and 2. Motivation. When students click on those posters, the visual will appear. Although they are not part of the formal lesson, feel free to include them for use in your personal instructions to your students. You can use them to ask questions or for assessment purposes.
  • The assessment portion included in this lesson (self-assessment or peer assessment) is formative in nature and not designed for grading purposes.




  • Purchasing this PE Distance Learning from the Virtual Gym lesson gives you a license to use for you and your students (and families) only. You can not share the information (downloads or links) with other teachers in your school, at other educational facilities, through email or on social media.
  • You can distribute the student PDF Virtual Gym lesson though Google Classroom, an email download/link or by using another discrete method. You can temporarily put the download or link on your school web-page but please limit the time it is on there and its visibility to other professionals.

Distance Learning from the Virtual Gym- Catching Lesson #2

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