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This Cap’n Pete’s Distance Learning Visual Series- PE Expectations (Asynchronous) resource serves as an instructional visual for teachers to use to teach and remind students about some key actions and behaviors that students need to take to be successful when learning from home. Physical Education teachers can begin with this visual to discuss their expectations for students while remote learning. They can also use it to prompt or remind students in a recording or embedded in a lesson file. Students understand and retain knowledge better through visual learning and this graphic will certainly help in that process.


The expectation statements are brief and to the point. They are easy for students of all ages to understand. Teachers can easily expand on the statements to align with many of the SHAPE America standards. The visual is downloadable in 6 color schemes displaying nine remote learning expectations. The graphics utilized in the visual are attractive, kid-friendly and relatable.


The visuals are in a Zip folder with 2 Formats- PDF and JPEG. Teachers can use the JPG format to choose a color and insert in any kind of document (Slides, PowerPoint, etc.) to relay to the students while they teach lessons using a live (synchronous) presentation.

Distance Learning- PE Expectations (Asynchronous)

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