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The Components of Fitness Display Banners have been uniquely developed as a valuable and attractive visual aid when implementing Health and Skill Fitness Components in your physical education classes. 

The 11 banners include the following fitness components: 

Health Related - 1. Cardiovascular Endurance, 2. Flexibility, 3. Muscular Strength, 4. Muscular Endurance, and 5. Body Composition.

Skill-Related- 1. Agility, 2. Speed, 3. Reaction time, 4.Coordination, 5. Power and 6. Balance. 

The problem with display boards and banners in a gym is that they are often too small so the students, teachers, and visitors cannot read the information posted rendering it inadequate for its prime purpose. The Components of Fitness Display Banners are designed to cover a large space on your gym wall or hallway leading in to your gym. Your students, administrators, colleagues and parents know that you are serious about teaching important movement concepts in your physical education classes. 

Each individual Components of Fitness Display Banner is made up of eight connecting 8 ½” by 11” sheets making a large vertical banner. Eleven, large vertical banners and 1 “Components of Fitness” Title Banner make up the entire display board (96 sheets in all). Each Manipulative Skill Banner is made up of the following components: 1. Title of the Component of Fitness (i.e. Agility), 2. Definition of the Component, 3. Examples of Activities/Movements/Skills the components are used in and 4. Colorful Graphics that complement the fitness component. The individual Component of Fitness Banners are colorful but have a white background as to not use up too much ink when you print. 

The Components of Fitness wording and cues used in this display are helpful as a reference for you as a teacher and can be highlighted during your PE lessons. Each of the Component Banners and the Title Banner are meant to be laminated and can be use for many, many years. The banners are attention-grabbing and can be utilized as an effective teaching tool during your lessons.

NEW- I have recently added a folder of "Non-Segregated" JPEG images of the banners for those that have a school poster maker or are willing to pay a company like Office Depot to print out poster-sized replications of the images. This alternate method for producing the large banners saves time but may not have the same quality as printing out the individual PDF 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheets on a color printer and constructing the banner by hand.

Check out the following Large PE Display Banners and a 6 Pack Super Bundle that includes them all: 

Components of Fitness Display Banners: 11 Large Vertical PE Banners
PE Fitness Testing: 7 Large Vertical Banners
Locomotor Movement Display Banners: 9 Large Vertical PE Banners
Manipulative Skill Display Banners: 9 Large Vertical PE Banners
Non-Locomotor Movement Display Banners: 10 Large Vertical PE Banners
Aligning to the PE Standards- 5 Large Display Banners

PE Display Banners (Large)- 6 Pack Super Bundle

Components of Fitness Display Banners: 11 Large Vertical PE Banners

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