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The following activity; 1-2-3…"Energize Me” is a “high energy, fun and organized” classroom activity that gives your students a chance to move their bodies in a number of ways, while learning to recognize their numbers from 1-20.

1-2-3…"Energize Me" does not require any equipment and can be used as a “Brain Break” or as a functional, number recognition lesson. It can also be utilized in the gym or outside by a classroom or PE teacher if students need to move their bodies in a larger space.

You can show the cards and do a whole group activity where all of the students perform the same movement at the same time (while you reinforce number recognition). You could also set up “station” or “center” areas throughout the room and have your students rotate to each number card and movement.

Classroom Energizers- 1-2-3... "Energize Me"

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