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The Christmas Movement Stations are 21 fun-filled, winter wonderland station cards that you can use in your school gymnasium or can be modified and performed in a smaller space such as a classroom. Each movement card provides a “Joyous” activity that can be performed with typical PE equipment or classroom items with a few extra “Christmassy” additions to keep it in the "spirit of the season!”

Each individual movement card is unique with a holiday background, beautiful images and a brief instruction of the station. Separate instructions with more detail is included in the packet for teachers to use when discussing and demonstrating each station. 

These Christmas Movement Stations are ideal for a physical education or classroom teacher to use in the weeks leading up to the Winter Holidays as a “Brain Break” or to reinforce movement concepts such as locomotor and/or manipulative skills, cooperation and physical fitness...but with a Christmas theme. These Christmas stations were created to be “FUN” and your students will ask you to bring them out over and over again. 

Christmas Movement Stations- 21 "Joyous" Activity Cards

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