This Mega Bundle is will save you 25% off the regular Game Series prices and over 70% off if you bought the games individually on TPT!!!

This TRIPLE series packet includes the following 3 Game Sets:

1. PE Games that Rock 

2. Out of this World PE Games 

3. PE Games for Super Heroes 

Altogether, there are 36 cutting edge, unique and detailed large group physical education games. 

These quality games are not your 10 or 15 minute "time filler" games but they are the types of games that last a full period or more. My students love all of these games and the those that have moved on to middle school come back and tell me how much they miss them and wish they still had the chance to play them!

The games from the PE Games that Rock series include" 1. Battleship Bout, 2. Buccaneer Brigade, 3. Capture the Pig, 4. Mission Incredible, 5. Across the Hedge, 6. Pirates, 7. Rescue 911, 8. Super-Spy Kids, 9. Storm the Castle, 10. Down on the Farm, 11. Survival 1: You’re in it Alone and 12. Survival 2: Alliance Attack. They are fast paced, high energy, with very little inactivity. All of the games provide the students an outlet for developing their cardiovascular fitness and manipulative skill growth

The games from the Out of this World PE Games series include: 1. Cosmic Invaders, 2. Commanders of the Universe, 3. Escape from Cyberspace, 4. Galaxy Venture, 5. Martian vs Predator, 6. Meteor Blitz, 7. Sky Bowling, 8. Space Connector, 9. Star Battle, 10. Star Guardians, 11. Stars and Strikes, and 12. The Danger Zone. They are also quick moving, high energy, games but set to a theme that is “Out of this World.” All of the games have “cool” references to things like space, planets, stars, aliens, cosmos, meteors, time warps, galaxies, and black holes….all of the things kids love! 

The games from the PE Games for Super Heroes!" series include: 1. City Avengers, 2. Command Rangers, 3. Fast-Flash-Freeze, 4. Incrediquest, 5. Mackidver, 6. Saved by the Web, 7. Sky Zone, 8. Survivor Alley, 9. Transform, 10. Triumph of the Gladiators, 11. Watchmen of the Lair, and 12. Z Men: Live by the Sword. These “SUPER” games too are a series of fast paced, high energy, large group PE games all set to a “Super Hero” theme. All 12 games have “dynamic” references to things like skyscrapers, cities, robots, rangers, command centers, villains, special agents, webs, laboratories, and extra-terrestrials….all of the things kids love! 

All of the games are tried and true and students love them and ask for on a weekly basis. The games have been used with up to 2 or 3 classes at the same time or with as little as 1 class at a time. They are geared towards elementary-aged students, however I have used them with middle and high school students and they love them too! They can be used with large groups of students in a P.E. class setting or with smaller groups in a sports or church camp. The games can be modified to fit your gym size and the equipment listed in the plan can be switched out for something else that you have in your closet.

Cap'n Pete's Large Group PE Games - "Triple Series Mega Bundle"

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