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This Mega Bundle is will save you 50% if you bought the games individually on Cap'n Pete's site!!!


Download 36 cutting edge, large group physical education games to use in your PE classes, summer camp or for your church youth group program. These quality games were designed to be engaging, student friendly and highly active. They are fast paced and high energy and provide an outlet for students to develop their cardiovascular fitness and manipulative skill growth. All 36 games are FUN, and students will want to play them often throughout the school year.



What Resources are in Cap’n Pete’s Large Group Game, Triple Series Mega Bundle?



PE Games that Rock!


1. Battleship- Throwing, gathering, and blocking pins
2. Buccaneer Brigade- Throwing, tossing, catching, and gathering
3. Capture the Pig- Chasing, fleeing, tagging, and teamwork
4. Down on the Farm- Throwing, catching, blocking, defending, and rolling
5. Mission is Possible- Chasing, fleeing, dodging, and tagging
6. Over the Hedge- Throwing, catching, and gathering for the younger students
7. Pirates- Four team dodging a tag, fleeing, and tagging
8. Rescue 911- Throwing, tossing, catching, gathering, and teamwork
9. Spy Kids- Dodge, throw, catch, chase, and run 
10. Storm the Castle- Fast paced, high energy chasing, fleeing, and tagging
11. Survivor 1: You’re in it Alone- Rolling and defending
12. Survivor 2: Alliance Attack- Rolling, defending and teamwork



Out of This World PE Games!

1. The Danger Zone- Chasing, fleeing, dodging, and tagging
2. Escape from Cyberspace- Throwing and rolling for accuracy
3. Galaxy Quest- Pulling belts, fleeing, and dodging
4. Guardians of the Stars- Chasing, fleeing, tagging and teamwork
5. Masters of the Universe- Throwing, rolling, and catching
6. Meteor Blitz- Throwing, kicking and rolling for accuracy 
7. Space Junk Collectors- Chasing, fleeing, dodging, and tagging
8. Sky Bowling- Throwing over barriers and reaction time
9. Space Invaders- Chasing, fleeing, dodging, and tagging
10. Space Connector- Throwing and catching using teamwork
11. Star Wars- Throwing, catching, blocking, defending and rolling
12. Stars and Strikes- Throwing and rolling for accuracy



PE Games for Superheroes!


1. City Avengers- Throwing, catching, and blocking
2. Fast-Flash-Freeze- Throwing, catching, dodging, and fleeing
3. Incrediquest- Throwing, catching, chasing, fleeing, dodging, and tagging
4. Mackidver- Throwing, catching, and defending
5. Power Rangers- Flying disc throwing and catching
6. Saved by the Web- Chasing, fleeing, and tagging
7. Sky Zone- Rolling and throwing balls over and under a barrier
8. Survivor Alley- Tossing, rolling, and dodging
9. Transformers- Throwing, rolling, and guarding
10. Triumph of the Gladiators- Chasing, fleeing, and tagging
11. Watchmen of the Lair- Chasing, fleeing, and tagging
12. Z-Men: Live by the Sword- Flying disc throwing and catching



Each game comes with a detailed lesson plan consisting of 1. Overview and Purpose, 2. SHAPE AMERICA Standard 3. Learning Outcomes, 4. Essential Questions, 5. Differentiation/Modification, 6. Game Setup and Procedures (Instructions for Play), 7. Materials and Resources, 8. Safety and 9. Assessment Suggestions. An easy to follow, full page graphical diagram is also included for each game in the Large Group Game Mega Bundle.


All the large group games are tried and true and your students will love them! You can incorporate them with 2 or 3 classes at the same time or teach with as little as 1 class at a time. They are geared towards elementary-aged and middle school age students; however, they have been used with high school students and they love them too! The games can be modified to fit your gym size and the equipment listed in the plan can be switched out for something else that you have in your equipment closet.


Why Should I Download the Cap'n Pete's Large Group PE Games - Triple Series Mega Bundle


  • Detailed Instructions in an Easy-to-Understand Lesson Plan Format
  • Over 235 Top Level Ratings and Reviews
  • Set-Up Diagrams Included
  • Themed Games
  • Use Year After Year
  • Great for Developing a Variety of PE Skills

Cap'n Pete's Large Group PE Games - Triple Series Mega Bundle

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