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The following Brain and Body Break Movement Centers have been exclusively created for classroom teachers to give their children an opportunity to move and energize their bodies so that they are able to refocus and learn! The movement centers are an excellent tool for developing your students’ heart and muscles and also benefit their brains. Several recent studies have shown how important it is for children to "move" throughout the day to help them stay "sharp" and ready to learn!

The “Rocking Movement Centers” can be done directly in your classrooms as individual large group activities lead by the teacher or in a more traditional “small group format”, where the students read the task cards and perform the movement in designated areas in your classroom, outside at recess, or in another facility such as an empty room or gym. 

These centers were selected and modified from my “PE stations” Series because of their ability to be performed in limited space areas. Most of the centers require no equipment and a few of them require 1 or 2 items per child or partner group. Many of the items you could borrow from your PE teacher or collect in your classroom for continued use. If you are a PE teacher and have previously purchased any of my PE Stations products, you already have many of these items (in a slightly different format) and will not need to purchase these centers. 

All 75 of the activities are suitable for boys and girls and can be adapted to match your limited equipment and space restraints. Since there are 75 total Rockin Movement Center cards, you can easily mix them up throughout the school year and have more than enough activities to use for many break times, transitions, recess, testing pauses, or adapted schedule change opportunities. 

The cards provide brief directions with entertaining graphics and also include the motor skill or fitness concept addressed during the movement. If you lack the equipment or space for one or more of the stations, feel free to adapt it in whatever way best meets the needs of your children and your unique situation. Play music indoors during movement or take some of the center cards outside on great weather days and you will bring great enjoyment and rejuvenation to your students every day!!! 

Brain & Body Breaks for the Classroom - 75 "Rocking" Movement Zones

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