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The Brain Boosts for the Classroom- 32 Movement Cards packet is a fun and active set of task cards that teachers can use for to get students MOVING their bodies during those times that they need to be physically active in the classroom. Have you ever noticed your students getting the "Hum Drums"? Do they get fidgety or lose concentration at certain times of the day? Do they look at you like..... "hey Teach, can we get up and move a little"!!!


Did you know that physical activity can increase student performance? Movement is not only good for the heart and muscles, but it also helps our brains. Several studies have shown that it is very important that children "move" throughout the day to help them stay "sharp" and ready to learn!


The The Brain Boosts for the Classroom- 32 Movement Cards are a very convenient and creative way for you to "move your students" with a purpose! The movement cards are very colorful, including graphics and detailed instructions that include the following components: 1. Movement Identification, 2. High Quality Movement Graphic, 3. Rep Or Time Suggestion, 4. Detailed Description of the Movement, and 5. Tips for Success in the Movement.


Inside the zip folder you will find 2 PDF versions (one with single visuals and 1 with 2 per page), a JPG format file and a PowerPoint version for full class movement using a projector and a screen.


The classroom movement cards are colorful, attractive and “kid friendly”. Students will enjoy the variation in movement and will value the animated pictures and descriptions/tips that accompany the desired actions!

Brain Boosts for the Classroom - 32 Movement Cards (Includes PowerPoint)

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