The Top 10 Expectations in PE are simple, positive statements that describe what we ultimately want our students to do before, during and after PE class. These are not rules or procedures but expectations that students should understand and practice daily. 

These 10 signs, when posted in the gym, can serve as a constant reminder about our expectations for our students, when they move, play, listen and learn!!!

You can use these printable display signs on your gym wall, at your front door bulletin board or in our gym hallway to showcase some of the ideals we expect our students to achieve in physical education class. Print the “Top 10 Expectations in PE” title page and 10 signs and then laminate and place them in your gym to enjoy for years.


Check out the following links to see 10 of Cap'n Pete's PE Sign Packages and a 10 Pack Super Bundle:

Top 10 Expectations in PE- Printable Display Signs
Top 10 Reasons for Physical Education- Printable Display Signs
Key Components of Physical Fitness- Printable Display Signs
PE Fitness Testing- Printable Display Signs
Locomotor Movement- Printable Display Signs
Non-Locomotor Movement- Printable Display Signs
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PE Concepts; Spatial Awareness- Printable Display Signs 

PE Printable Display Signs- 10 Pack Super Bundle 

The Top 10 Expectations in PE - Printable Display Signs

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