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This product is a 1 page, physical education lesson plan template entitled the VIP PE plan. There are 3 different color versions included in a zip folder including: 1. white, 2. grey and 3. multicolored. The plan includes a number of text boxes with headings and subheadings that correspond to the physical education planning and structural procedures. The plan incorporates a wide variety of critical lesson plan components which includes the following:

* Lesson/Unit Title
* Grade level(s)
* Unit Focus
* Overview and purpose
* Standards addressed
* Learning outcomes
* Modifications
* Materials/resources
* Safety concerns
* Essential questions
* Instructional activities (Warm Up, Lesson Focus & Closure)
* Several assessment checkoff buttons

The PE Lesson Plan is in the Microsoft Word format and can easily be modified to adapt to your personal needs. Principals have raved about the plan because it covers the essential components of a complete educational plan, all in a 1 page "easy to read" format.

Also included in the Zip folder is a PDF example of the VIP PE plan in use with a Throwing Cues and Stations actual plan. The introduction file also includes a featured article written in the Georgia AAHPERD Journal that helps explain other uses for the lesson plan template as a unit, multiple lesson or special event plan. 

Physical Education Lesson Plan Template

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